Oil Painting

February 20, 2022

Luscious Oil Paintings Bloom Flowers That Look Real Enough To Touch

Flowers and art have had a long and storied relationship. From Monet's Water Lillies to Van Gogh's series of Sunflower paintings, artists have spent countless hours immortalizing the beauty of blooms. Buenos Aires-based artist Maria Marta Morelli continues the tradition of flower art with her series of large-scale paintings of peonies and roses.

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December 24, 2021

Painter Uses “Tunnel Vision” To Capture the Endless Beauty of Plant Life

Nature is full of dazzling plant life that often goes underappreciated. Painter Kateryna Mazhuha, however, employs a spectacular effect to bring out the best in each of her organic subjects. The Illinois-based artist captures pine cones, flower bouquets, and other plant life in oil paintings that appear as though they are being viewed in tunnel vision. In this unique approach, Mazhuha orients her subject in the middle of the canvas.

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September 25, 2021

Exquisite Oil Paintings Immortalize the Forgotten Moments of Everyday Life

Germany-based artist Kate Waters celebrates the unexpected beauty of the mundane in her realistic oil paintings. From interior scenes of people sitting at tables to nighttime depictions of car-lined streets, she captures moments of modern life that are familiar to everyone, yet rarely immortalized on canvas. Her newest exhibition titled Apotheosis of the Real exemplifies this fascination with a series of paintings inspired by understated urban living.

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