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February 25, 2022

Artists Are Expressing Their Support for Ukraine in Emotional Illustrations

The world watched in shock and horror this week as Russia invaded its neighboring country, Ukraine. The Russian military advanced with troops, planes, and missile launchers aimed at cities and airports, spanning much of a country that has been independent for over 30 years. The military action from Russia is tragically marking the “most significant European war in almost 80 years.

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October 25, 2021

How One Woman Is Bringing Latinx Art Into Museums of Fine Arts [Interview]

After centuries of exclusion, there has recently been a rallying call across the United States for accountability in many institutions, encouraging efforts towards racial equity and inclusivity. Educating the public about these issues has also brought to light the barriers to access in the museum terrain for Latinx art. It’s important to remember that Latinx Art is American Art, yet Latinx artists and art are severely underrepresented in galleries and museums throughout the country.

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