January 5, 2022

Artist Brian Peterson on Using Art To Help People Experiencing Homelessness [Podcast]

Artist Brian Peterson is using his creative talents to actually change lives and uplift people in his community. He paints his neighbors experiencing homelessness and uses the proceeds from sold portraits to support their rehabilitation. This week on the My Modern Met Top Artist Podcast, we interview Peterson about his non-profit—called Faces of Santa Ana—that was founded on this process.

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November 24, 2021

Architect Craig Dykers of Snøhetta on Transdisciplinary Design and Climate Abuse [Podcast]

Architect Craig Dykers is the co-founder of Snøhetta, an international design collective whose transdisciplinary approach and emphasis on diversity have led to a deep portfolio of visually stunning and environmentally thoughtful work. From their redesign of the Knubben harbor bath resembling a topographic map in Norway to their pedestrian-focused remodel of Times Square in recent years, Snøhetta has positioned itself as a global leader in contemporary design and architecture innovation.

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October 13, 2021

Architect Dorte Mandrup on Irreplaceable Places and Designing With Landscape [Podcast]

Architect Dorte Mandrup designs stunning structures that integrate seamlessly into their environment. Her self-described “irreplaceable places” are just that: completely unique buildings that have found their way into some of the most beautiful places in nature. From her naturalistic whale observatory, located 185 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Norway (aptly titled The Whale)

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