February 15, 2022

Sneakerheads Will Get a Kick Out of This Insightful Poster

For some, sneakers are more than just the shoe of the day, they're a passion. Creative brand Dorothy has designed a beautiful and educational poster that sneakerheads will love. It features a large drawing of the modern sneaker, inside of which are numerous important figures and “some of the greatest moments of the history of the modern sneaker.” The Sneakerheads Poster is a three-color lithograph print with a cutaway format.

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December 2, 2021

Wear a Piece of Outer Space Around Your Neck With These Meteorite Necklaces

Wish you could give someone a gift that's as special as a shooting star? Well, the artists behind Yugen Handmade have created a line of space jewelry that comes pretty close. Their unique pendant necklaces feature real remnants of Campo del Cielo meteorite. The Stardust Vial Specimen Necklace, for instance, includes a petite curved tube, inside of which is black dust from a meteorite.

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